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The Calon Lân Centre

Mynyddbach Chapel

The Calon Lân Project originated as an idea from a renewed interest in Mynyddbach Chapel and its rich heritage. In 2011 the chapel was on the point of dereliction but through the combined efforts of Reverend Grenville Fisher, Roy Church and the support of Treboeth Historical Association the building was saved. A project was set up to encourage and maintain an understanding of local heritage and to establish collaboration with other local organisations.

​Mynyddbach has a rich cultural heritage and is the burial place of Daniel James who had the Bardic name of Gwyrosydd. The Calon Lân project has been set up to maintain and encourage an understanding of our local heritage. The main aim of the organisation is to give communities a sense of belonging and identity using the history of the local area and the story of Calon Lân to bring people together. Mynyddbach Chapel is the home and burial place of Gwyrosydd who wrote amongst other things the words to the famous Welsh Hymn Calon Lân. 

Swansea Bach Choir are proud to use the chapel as a venue and in doing so, contribute to its rich cultural heritage in Wales. 

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