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Update May 2023: Unfortunately we have had to temporarily suspend our
music hire service.

We are looking for a new home for our music library.

We have had to move the library into temporary storage and are looking for a permanent home.

Please contact us if you can help.

If you would like to hire some music please get in touch with the choir here:  

costs and terms

The cost of hiring the music is 50p per copy per month or part-month (or £1 if more than 20 pages) plus the cost of posting the music to you.  You will also need to meet the cost of safely returning the music to us. 

We don't ask for a deposit but will ask you to replace any copy that is lost or damaged whilst in your possesion.  If the work is out of print we will charge £10 for each lost copy and £5 for each damaged copy.  We will act in good faith when determining if a copy has been damaged and will make an allowance for normal wear-and-tear. We will also, of course, take into account the condition of the music before it was sent to you.  However, we reserve the right to consider damage to have occurred if, whilst in your possession: 

   •  any page is torn or folded;
   •  any page is lost;
   •  any page becomes wholly of partially separated from the main copy;
   •  any page is permanently marked or stained. 

We also ask that you erase any pencil markings made by your choir from all copies prior to returning the music to us. 

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