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The Christmas Rose (2009) 

An anthology of readings and music for the Christmas season.  Available to buy online and at the choir's concerts.

Glenn Crooks - organ. 
Christine Pritchard - reader. 
Frank Lincoln - reader

Tack No. | Rhif Trac
Track Name | Enw Trac
Written By | Ysgrifenwyd Gan
1 (Choir / Côr)
Of a Rose
Cecilia McDowall
2 (Reading / Darllen)
Isiah 11 vv 1-4 and 6-9
3 (Choir / Côr)
There is no rose of such virtue
John Joubert
4 (Reading / Darllen)
Lines from the Epistle to Diognetus
5 (Choir / Côr)
I sing of a maiden
Patrick Hadley
6 (Reading / Darllen)
O Simplicitas
Madeleine Engel
7 (Choir / Côr)
A spotless rose
Herbert Howells
8 (Reading / Darllen)
Saunders Lewis
9 (Choir / Côr’)
O magnum mysterium
Morten Lauridsen
10 (Reading / Darllen)
Christmas landscape
Laurie Lee
11 (Choir / Côr)
Lux aurumque
Eric Whitacre
12 (Reading / Darllen)
'There was no room...'
Emily Henrietta Hickey
13 (Choir / Côr)
A hymn to the Virgin
Benjamin Britten
14 (Reading / Darllen)
Journey of the Maji
15 (Choir / Côr)
Magi veniunt ab oriente
Clemens non Papa
16 (Reading / Darllen)
17 (Choir / Côr)
Jesus Christ the apple tree
Elizabeth Poston
18 (Reading / Darllen)
Rhosyn y Nadolig
Eirian Davies
19 (Choir / Côr)
The crown of roses
20 (Reading / Darllen)
Rosa mystica
Gerard Manley Hopkins
21 (Choir / Côr)
Bogoroditsye Dyevo
Sergei Rachmaninov
22 (Choir / Côr)
San Day carol
trad. arr. John Rutter


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