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Introducing our new Patron… Elin Manahan Thomas

Swansea Bach Choir are delighted to announce that Elin Manahan Thomas has agreed to be our Patron. The Welsh soprano, who is known for her sparkling renditions of Baroque music, took up the position in September 2023, and we are very much looking forward to her support in the coming years.

A student of Ysgol Gyfun Gwŷr, Elin was a member of Swansea Bach Choir during her early years as a musician. We have since had the pleasure of sharing the stage with her here and Swansea, as well as watching her musical career go from strength to strength on the international stage.

Elin said: “It’s an honour to be Patron of the choir which sparked my passion for choral singing, and set me on a career path I could never have imagined. I have had the pleasure of being every side of the stage with Swansea Bach, from a chorister with the inimitable John Hugh, to a soloist for Greg, to a delighted audience member - and wherever you sit in a Swansea Bach Choir concert, you can’t fail to be amazed and inspired by the depth of musical knowledge, the scale and breadth of the repertoire, and the excellence of the music-making.”

As we approach our 60th anniversary in just a few years time, it is good to know that through the continued support of Elin - and indeed, all of our friends and patrons - we can carry on making music here in South West Wales.

It is an enormous privilege to welcome Elin and we look forward to hearing more from her again in the future. Elin said: “Approaching 60 years is a worthy milestone to commemorate, and gives us an excellent reason to celebrate. Ymlaen!”

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